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Ludmila Curilova


“Painting has always been important to me.  It acts as the magic mirror through which I share my perception of the world.  The unspoken statement in my work is that inside every woman is a princess”. - Ludmila Curilova


Curilova’s paintings take time and patience to create.  Each piece is taken through many complex stages before it is finally considered complete.


All of her paintings start with a number of small “study” sketches on paper.  These sketches are refined until she is satisfied with the final composition. The sketch is then drawn, full size, onto the canvas.   Using acrylic paint, and in some cases oil, she develops a multi-layered piece that is simultaneously simple and complex.  The juxtaposition of matte and shiny surfaces and the use of rich golden colors enhance the three-dimensional quality of her work.


When the painting stage is complete she begins to work the hidden elements into her pieces.  Using both sharp brushes and palette knives Curilova scratches the finer details into the piece.  Through these details she creates a magical composition of dispersed reality.




Ludmila Curilova was born and raised in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova in the foothills of eastern Romania.  She was the fourth child of six children.  Curilova’s childhood was spent in an atmosphere filled with creativity.  Her father was both an artist and a set decorator with the Moldova National Theatre of Opera and her mother was a ballerina.


As a child Curilova assisted her father with his many projects and it was through this endeavor that she learned many of the techniques that she uses today.  Her love and use of color come from the hours spent under her father’s tutelage.  Her understanding of the emotional depth of women comes from watching her mother dance.  These same emotional qualities are apparent in her works today.


Curilova’s strong passion for art led her to study at The University of Repin; it was here that she learned the finer techniques of using palette knives and brushes.  After graduation she moved to Moscow to continue her studies.  While there her career further developed as her paintings began to gain recognition and were sold to both galleries and private collectors in the city.


The works of Klint, Micheal Vrubel and Vasnecov inspires Curilova.  Constant themes in her work are the different paths in life and the modern woman versus the fairy tale.  She has always had a love for fashion and this is evident in her stylized women.  Through fashion in her paintings she shows the figures level of society and their beliefs.  Curilova’s women invite the viewer into their world, one filled with beauty, mystery and love.


For Curilova her art has been a journey of discovery, inspired by the personal changes in her life.  An activity that not only gives her a deep sense of satisfaction, but one which allows us to view the depths of her spirit.


Today Curilova and her family reside in Canada, just north of Toronto, Ontario.  Her work is highly collected and is represented in galleries throughout Canada, Europe, and the USA.




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