Through painting, collage and textiles I have found a way to express the unspeakable – when there are no words or too many. It is the only way I can describe standing on a shore, facing forever, where water and sky become heaven and earth, heaven on earth. And I am overwhelmed one moment by my own insignificance, the next by profound gratitude and joy at being part of this wonder.


By using texture, colour and layers, covering and exposing, the abstract and semi-abstract forms become my language. Raw, simple feelings may emerge like graffiti on the canvas. Sometimes that is how they remain, are meant to be. Other times, when I have the courage to look closely or the time to see clearly, they evolve, become more complex.


The organic forms, the layering and removing, the mixing of media and the broad colour pallet reflect my own journey with the feelings and ideas I seek to share.



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Arabic Orchid 1

24”x 32”

Mixed media on canvas

public collection


Whale Music

16”x 20”

Mixed media on birch

private collection