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"The woman in my paintings is a self portrait of everyone, a person that is to be. It is someone that I am searching for, not literally, but searching for through the process of discovery and exploration as I paint."


Vladan Ignatovic was born in 1955 in Nis, Yugoslavia. He has a natural eye for art; one of his earliest memories as a child was his preference for a pencil and paper over the usual toys. Artistic talent runs in his family yet no one became professional; Vladan chose electrical engineering as a 'practical' vocation. During the summer months, between his studies, Vladan studied painting and printmaking amidst other art professionals. Eventually, he became a full time fine artist in Belgrade. After arriving in Toronto in 1993, Vladan began painting murals for commercial and residential spaces and participated in numerous local art exhibitions. Since 1995, Vladan has worked in the animation industry creating digital image backgrounds for Sullivan Entertainment in Toronto.


Formally, Vladan unites the viewer to his subject matter through his emphatic use of color and light. The thick impasto oil painting technique emphasizes the two-dimensional quality of his work - abstaining from any illusions. Vladan's attention to the media itself is quite conscious and self-referential. Using a palette inspired from the colors of the Mediterranean, Vladan creates the varying moods and tones of his works -from joy and warmth to cool reflection and introspection. He paints intuitively, trusting in his own vision and execution. Often one finds large areas of contemplative space on his canvas that he describes as "sensual and warm". Unlike some figurative painters, Vladan's portrayals of women are less subjective. Vladan honours women in his works but they are not portraits. Essentially they are who he sees when he closes his eyes, archetypes of femininity with humanistic recognition. According to Vladan "If there is a word to describe my work, it is dignity".







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