estella fransbergen – artist

"In Celebration of the Human Form… I begin with simple clay and sculpt the torso using the coil building technique. The simplicity of the torso captures the essence of the soul. That, together with the primitive firing techniques of sawdust and Raku, brings me back to my South African roots."


       Estella Fransbergen - The beauty of the colors in the clay is created by the intensity of the fire. Each torso comes from the fire with a uniqueness all its own. This element of surprise and individuality celebrates the human form. In Celebration of Mother Nature… I “dress” the naked form of the torso to represent nature using feathers, branches, leaves, and gemstones. I use semi-precious and rare stones, formed over millions of years. Ancient science tells us that each stone has a symbolic meaning and our eyes detect the unique beauty of what lies within each. My sculptures reflect my total life experience. Born and raised in South Africa, studied art in the Netherlands, I now reside in the heartland of the United States. These experiences have exposed me to cultural diversity and the beauty of nature. My work is the expression of the human form… and the embodiment of beauty entwined with the powers of Nature.” – Estella Fransbergen Find the perfect piece to add to your art collection. You can view Estella Fransbergen’s art for sale below! 

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