Terri Hallman is an artist who creates many layers in her work but makes it look deceptively simple. She uses dry pigment and tape to create her textures and layers.



    Terri Hallman was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a small town west of Milwaukee. She had a childhood fascination with the shape of things, reproducing them and then recreating their surfaces. She recalls that drawing was a continuous part of her daily routine. After graduating high school Hallman attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, specializing in Design. While still in school Hallman began working as a product designer, her work in this field won numerous international awards. Hallman enjoyed visiting the local galleries and museums in Milwaukee as she continued her drawing and painting. When she felt she had enough pieces worth exhibiting she went out in search of a gallery. Interest in her work was immediate and she chose to exhibit her work in the then popular MC Gallery. Traveling around the world is a great love of Hallman. She spent a number of years living in San Diego, California where she explored a variety of creative opportunities. After a short stay in Lafayette, Louisiana she settled in Houston, Texas. Overall, she likes the South for its easy and friendly culture. Hallman is an extraordinarily driven and innovative artist. There is a constant audience for her work that keeps her busy creating full-time. Her work is widely collected and featured in galleries throughout Canada, Great Britain, and the USA. To add art from artist Terri Hallman to your personal collection, contact us now for pricing! 

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